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France  France   Hungary  Hungary

Formed: 1997, active
Styles: breakbeat, bigbeat, electro, drum&bass
Members: BCS, MC Noel, dNs

This French-Hungarian trio plays in quite diverse styles. They’ve produced anything and everything from drum’n’bass, electro, breakbeat to bigbeat, they’re those kinds of people who can’t stand labelling. These days they’re putting the finishing touches on their unreleased songs, soon to be put up on the site.


Tracks appears on:

Superbus / The Place (FreeStep Remix) [remix]
Superbus / The Place EP © LoopJazz/Sojus Records 2003

Karányi / Road To Home (FreeStep Pitch-up) [remix]
Karányi / Road To Home EP © Club Solutions 2004

Bëlga – Bandzsa (FreeStep Oldskool Jungle Remix) [remix]
Bëlga – Bandzsa (FreeStep Oldskool Jungle Remix) © CrossRoads Records/Sojus Records 2004

FreeStep / Aboriginal Soundsystem (TRIAD Remix) [tune]
VA / Progressive Folk © Loopaholics/Sojus Records 2005

FreeStep / Nevermind [tune]
VA / Bedroom Breaks Vol.1 – Mixed by Audiotoolz © Loopaholics/Sojus Records 2006

Superbus / The Place (FreeStep Remix) [remix]
VA / LoopJazz Selections – Mixed by DJ Kirill Sergeew © 2007

FreeStep / Fighters [tune]
VA / Wicked Netbeats – Mixed by Harald Walker © Sonic Walker 2008

Kele – Tenderoni (FreeStep AcidBreak FuckUp) [remix]
Kele – Tenderoni © Polydor 2010


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