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No Logo » BeatStar / Absurd [SJSLP-2101]

Tricky, funny album from BeatStar. Contains unique songs featuring breakbeat, bigbeat, jazz, Casio VL-1, shaolin rock, undercover rhythms and so on. A re-mastered masterpiece from 2002 with a bonus live track.
Date: 2002
Size/total time: LP (45:04)
File under: bigbeat, breakbeat, acid, nu-jazz
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download 01 – BeatStar / Dr. Absurd’s Plan
Produced by BeatStar [2002]

download 02 – BeatStar / Shaolin Rock
Produced by BeatStar [2002]

download 03 – BeatStar / Monoauir Flavour
Produced by BeatStar [2002]

download 04 – BeatStar / The Farmer Knows It Better
Produced by BeatStar [2002]
Contains samples from the Impulse Tracker module ‘A farmer jobban tuggya’ by Deansdale and Shaman.

download 05 – BeatStar / Undercover Manoveurs
Produced by BeatStar [2002]

download 06 – BeatStar / Lazy DJs
Produced by BeatStar [2002]

download 07 – BeatStar / Take Some
Produced by BeatStar [2002]
Contains samples from Anorganik’s FastTracker 2 module ‘Plug Myself In.xm’

download 08 – BeatStar / Ugly Bugs
Produced by BeatStar [2002]

download 09 – BeatStar / Tweakers Delight
Produced by BeatStar [2002]

download 10 / BeatStar / Acid Fusion (Live at Contemporary Music Festival)
Produced by BeatStar [2002] Recorded live at Contemporary Music Festival, Budapest, Hungary 2004. Special thanks to Gábor Szabó and Imre Tellér. line


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