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Formed: 2001, active
Styles: nu-jazz, instrumental, downtempo, chillout, electroacoustic
Members: József Tóth aka P1tyk3, Gábor Barczi, Viktor Belényesi

The band, working on the New York-Budapest axle, consists of three musicians. They’re all working on different project as well, while Peacespeakers is kept for their nu-jazz material. The Fandora guys, completed with József Nagy (living in New York city), created one of the most successful albums of Sojus Records so far. The second chapter is on the way.


Tracks appears on:

Peacespeakers / It’s Only Rest In Our Dreams, To Find Our Freedom [tunes]
VA / DJ Kirill Sergeew – Modern Classiques Vol.3 © Mixotic 2006

Peacespeakers / Nobody Can Help Us, We Fly Above, That Called Life, It’s All The Same, In The End [tunes]
VA / LoopJazz Selections – Mixed by DJ Kirill Sergeew © 2007

Peacespeakers / To Find Our Freedom [tune]
VA / Mogwai hört Trip Hop © Mogwai 2008

Peacespeakers / It’s All The Same [tune]
VA / Karel Craft – Spring’s Coming – Mixotic 238 © Mixotic 2011



  • Matt April 28, 2010 // 06:50

    Great work – love it!

  • Beny November 24, 2010 // 09:52

    It is the most listen by me album! When I work (doing a some webdesajn) I (too) often listen Your OUTSTANDING music. When can we expect next album?

  • Roland February 15, 2011 // 00:50

    Nagyon szuper alkotás! Köszönet érte! Ja és csak így tovább!

  • neurino January 8, 2012 // 11:15

    Relieving and uplifting. Great music!

  • Daniel August 25, 2012 // 00:11

    You guys need to make another album! It’s like 99% of netlabel music is Dance (and 99% of that Dubstep, it seems); this is special, wonderful lounge music no one else seems to be able/willing to do. More, gimmegimme 😀

  • omg November 22, 2014 // 00:41

    omg Peacespeakers 🙂

  • Corentin March 4, 2015 // 15:31

    Hello, I found one of your very inspiring song on a right free music website. I wanted to know in what kind of purpose i can use your song (peacespeakers / message from planet earth) ?

    I’m a new movie maker, and i work for a coffee place. It’s a commercial for this coffee maker.

    Thanks for your answer,
    Corentin Chevelu

  • -SJS- April 3, 2015 // 23:29

    Peacespeakers’ songs are released under Creative Commons. They are free to copy, free to play in a dj mix or radio station, but commercial use is NOT allowed.
    If you want use it in any commercial work, you have to pay.
    For more information write to

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