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LoopJazz » Peacespeakers / Message From Planet Earth [SJSLP-6201]

Peacespeakers is an electronic instrumental project of three hungarian guys (two of them living in Budapest, the third in the Big Apple) to discover the rest between sounds. Message From Planet Earth is a soundtrack for a film that non exists, but you have the chance to realise it deep in your mind…

Date: 2006
Size/total time: LP (49:23)
File under: nu-jazz, instrumental, downtempo, chillout, electroacoustic
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download all in .ZIP


download 01 – Peacespeakers / We Are All Alone In The Universe
Produced by Peacespeakers [2006]

download 02 – Peacespeakers / Nobody Can Help Us
Produced by Peacespeakers [2006]

download 03 – Peacespeakers / To Find Our Freedom
Produced by Peacespeakers [2006]

download 04 – Peacespeakers / It’s Only Rest In Our Dreams
Produced by Peacespeakers [2006]

download 05 – Peacespeakers / We Fly Above
Produced by Peacespeakers [2006]

download06 – Peacespeakers / Deep Green Sea
Produced by Peacespeakers [2006]

download 07 – Peacespeakers / That Called Life
Produced by Peacespeakers [2006]

download 08 – Peacespeakers / So Don’t Mind The Lost Moments
Produced by Peacespeakers [2006]

download 09 – Peacespeakers / It’s All The Same
Produced by Peacespeakers [2006]

download 10 – Peacespeakers / In The End
Produced by Peacespeakers [2006] line



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  1. vincent on Wednesday Nov 18, 2009


    i am a french cabinetmaker and ii just want to ask you if it s possible to use your music
    in my futur exposition place….
    thank for your samples

    vincent mermillod

  2. admin on Thursday Nov 19, 2009

    Hello Vincent,
    I sent you an e-mail with the details, but your e-mail box is full. So clean up your inbox to get my mail.


  3. Beny on Wednesday Apr 28, 2010

    Great music! I listening it mostly during work (webdesign). Greeting from Poland.

  4. James on Sunday Feb 27, 2011

    I am not sure why I could not listen the musics?~

  5. admin on Sunday Feb 27, 2011

    Sometimes the servers are overloaded or simply down.
    Come back a few hours later! :)

  6. James on Tuesday Mar 1, 2011

    Awesome music…love it~

  7. Hannes on Wednesday Jan 25, 2012

    I love you! to find our freedom(!) gahh

  8. Laurent on Monday Jan 20, 2014


    i am french and i want to ask you if it s possible to use your music
    for a music on hold for my switchboard.
    Could you give me your agree?

  9. -SJS- on Sunday Feb 9, 2014

    Laurent: I sent you an e-mail

  10. Laurent on Monday Mar 10, 2014


    I am sorry but I didn’t get it.
    Could you send me it one more time?

  11. -SJS- on Wednesday Mar 12, 2014

    Laurent: Okay, sent again. Check the spam!

  12. Océane on Tuesday Oct 27, 2015


    I want to use your music “Nobody Can help us” for a mashup of craftsmen.
    It’s a little association who produce the video and this video will be showed on craftsmen’s shop.

    Thank you,