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Russia   Russia

Formed: 2002, active
Styles: noise, experimental, industrial, electro, techno, idm, darkambient
Members: Alexander Lisovsky

Djet is the solo project of Alexander Lisovsky. Exists since 2002. The basic direction in creativity Djet is synthesis of various styles and directions in electronic, acoustic and noises to music. Connections rational with irrational, eclecticism and sound installation, soundart and soundscape are the basic clothes covering the main core – the rhythm. Style can be named as – electronic/synthesis experimentation.


Tracks appears on:

DJET / Intronesia [tune]
VA / Progressive Folk © Loopaholics/Sojus Records 2005

Audiotoolz / Advanced Japanese Folk (DJET Remix) [remix]
VA / Progressive Folk © Loopaholics/Sojus Records 2005

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