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Hungary   Hungary

Formed: 2001, inactive
Styles: nujazz, lounge, chillout, electro, house
Members: Sándor Nagy, Imre Szeles

Formed by two Hungarians, Loop Loops Clan was a true flagship for mellow nu-jazz sounds. Their songs written together with Superbus were released on compilations of Hungarian label Juice Records (both vinyl and CD). One of the members Imre Szeles is still working in a semi-acoustic project.


Tracks appears on:

Superbus & Loop Loops Clan / Hi-4 [tune]
VA / Cafe Unicum – A Selection Of Pure Hungarian Electronic Music © Juice/Underground Records 2003

Superbus feat. NS / Fujjad!, No Porno Please [tunes]
VA / Progressive Folk © Loopaholics/Sojus Records 2005

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