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Hungary   Hungary

Formed: 1997, active
Styles: nujazz, lounge, chillout, bigbeat, electro, house
Members: Csaba Barnóth, Balázs Hegyi

Superbus are the producers and musicians Balázs Hegyi and Csaba Barnóth. They’ve already appeared on more compilations including Future Sound of Budapest vol. 4, Progressive Folk and Cafe Unicum. Their jazz-lounge debut album Debut is one of the most popular records of Sojus at the moment. Their second album Quest is soon to be on the site!


Tracks appears on:

Superbus / One Version (Special FSOB 4 Version) [tune]
VA / Future Sound of Budapest © Juice/Underground Records 2002

Superbus & Loop Loops Clan / Hi-4 [tune]
VA / Cafe Unicum – A Selection Of Pure Hungarian Electronic Music © Juice/Underground Records 2003

Superbus feat. NS / Fujjad!, No Porno Please [tunes]
VA / Progressive Folk © Loopaholics/Sojus Records 2005

Superbus / Han Solo [tune]
VA / DJ Kirill Sergeew – Modern Classiques Vol.3 © Mixotic 2006

Superbus / The Place, The Place (FreeStep Remix), Finest Morning, Nobody [tunes]
VA / LoopJazz Selections – Mixed by DJ Kirill Sergeew © 2007

Superbus / Mazz [tune]
VA / DJ Kirill Sergeew – Your Recent Favorite DJ © Mixotic 2007

Superbus / The Place [tune]
VA / 0096225121108105 – Mixed by Harald Walker © Sonic Walker 2008

Superbus / The Place [tune]
VA / Best Of Netlabels: Their Finest Hour Vol. 1 © Phlow Magazine 2008

Superbus / Quest, The Nameless Said, The Place [tunes]
VA / 8 Bit Headz Mixed by BeatStar © Loopaholics/Sojus Records 2010


  • Jeff June 10, 2010 // 01:10

    Love your music, guys! Used your track Finest Morning on my episode 5 podcast at Drop us a line some time!

  • Maria Cailá March 6, 2012 // 18:11

    We like your song Finest Morning a lot and we would like to use it for our company Powerpoint presentation. It usually runs in the background while we are setting up a trade show, fair or event. What do we need to consider?
    We will mention your name and the title of the song at the end of the presentation.
    We might want to publish the presentation also in our website:
    Please let us know if this is ok with you because it looks like it is forbidden to use it for commercials.

  • -SJS- March 7, 2012 // 09:27

    @Maria Cailá: It’s not ok. If you want to use any Sojus release in a commercial product, then you must pay a fee. For details and more info please contact us via e-mail, here:
    Thank you.

  • Michael Wiebrands September 10, 2015 // 15:03

    Hi Guys,

    I’m making some free PC games and distributing them on the web. Completely non-commercial, just personal development. It’s just to explore and share with others who are doing the same. I found some of your music on the free music archive. I really like a couple of tracks and would like to use them as background music to some games. Are you okay with this? Interpretations on Non-Derivative vary so I thought I would ask you direct.


  • -SJS- March 16, 2016 // 14:59

    Yeah, if it’s non-commercial, then go!

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