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United Kingdom  United Kingdom Hungary  Hungary

Formed: 1997, active
Styles: drum&bass, noise, experimental, industrial, electro, techno, idm, darkambient
Members: n0ne, sikkboy, battlerat

Wrekkerz is made up of noise-terrorists from Budapest and London. They’re taking us to the deepest depth of drum and bass, industrial techno and electro. They’ve worked with Hungarian band Bëlga, Audiotoolz and FreeStep. Their 2002 video SID Strikes Back is a shocking criticism of the world.


Tracks appears on:

FreeStep / The Real Evidence Of UFOs (Wrekkerz Remix), Kyoto By Night (Wrekkerz Remix) [remix]
FreeStep / Unknown Remixes © Unknown/Sojus Records 2001

Wrekkerz vs. Audiotoolz / Hungarian Fightclub [tune]
VA / Progressive Folk © Loopaholics/Sojus Records 2005

Wrekkerz / Psychotime [tune]
VA / Mars FM Vol. 1 – Mixed by Tesla Ghost © 2006


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